Welcome to the Referral Program...

Welcome to the CEMA Energy Plus® Referral Program

Get $25 for referring your customers to sign up!*

Here's an opportunity for you AND your customers to earn a little extra cash. By referring your customers to Energy Plus, you'll receive $25 for each business or residential account that is enrolled with Energy Plus for 2 billing cycles and .5% sales royalty each quarter.* Your customers can still take advantage of the same cash back benefits you’re receiving so why wait?

Referring is easy. Here's how:

  1. Enter your information to become an Energy Plus referral representative and receive your own referral code.
  2. Upload your customer list to send a ready-made email to your customers or download an insert to include in your customer statements. The email and the flyer will have your referral code so customers can sign up with Energy Plus directly.**
  3. Have your customers go to the provided website or have them call Energy Plus directly with your referral code.***

In order for CEMA members to participate in the Energy Plus Referral Program and earn royalties, members cannot personally enroll referred customers and must have their referred customers contact Energy Plus directly to complete enrollment.

Sign Up...

* If the Account has been enrolled according to the Referral Program Disclosures, Referral representatives shall receive $25.00 for each business and residential electric meter associated with a new Account after the Account holder has been billed for two months (“Bounty Royalty”). Referral representatives will also be issued .5% of the dollar amount of the supply portion of electricity billed to an Account ("Sales Royalty"), excluding all applicable taxes for accounts that were billed as a result of direct marketing on behalf of the particular Referral representative. Energy Plus reserves the right to modify or discontinue the program and to cancel referral representative status of any individual at any time.
** In order to direct customers to enroll at Energy Plus, Referral Representatives shall only distribute marketing materials provided directly from Energy Plus.
*** Referred customers must contact Energy Plus directly to complete enrollment. For Referral representatives to earn royalties, referred customers must apply via the websites provided or by calling Energy Plus at 877-770-3092 and mentioning the referral code provided.

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