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Our rates are variable and allow you flexibility. Energy Plus® currently serves approximately 200,000 customers across eight states and over 40 local utility areas that allow energy competition. Every area we serve has its own unique needs and requirements, which is why we monitor each individual energy market to incorporate current trends into our strategies. Our variable rates are based upon many other factors as well, including our costs to purchase energy, applicable taxes, fees, charges, costs, expenses and margins.

We offer variable-rate products with no long-term commitment required. Unlike some fixed-rate products that may come with long-term contracts and penalties for breaking those contracts, our variable-rate products do not have any cancellation fees. And, there are no sign-up fees from Energy Plus when you choose us as your energy supplier. Each month you have the opportunity to decide whether the program is working for you - which provides you with ultimate flexibility.

As with many variable-rate plans, your supply rate may be different, including higher, than the supply rate charged by your local utility company. You can evaluate your plan each month to determine whether the program is working for you. At Energy Plus, we make it easy for you to try us and if you are ever dissatisfied with your variable-rate plan, you may cancel.

Enrolling is easy. All you need to enroll with Energy Plus is a copy of your current electric and/or natural gas bill and your rewards account number. We'll handle the rest, ensuring you won't experience any interruption in service. You will start earning rewards – such as frequent flier miles or hotel points – the day your Energy Plus service begins. In addition, you will continue to receive consolidated bills.

Call to request a quote. The best way to get a snapshot of current rates is to call our dedicated customer representatives. We’ll have all the latest up-to-date information for your specific region and can answer any questions you might have. Call for a rate quote today and start earning rewards for paying your energy bills.

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