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Select the Energy Plus® Green Option for Electricity

Like you, Energy Plus is committed to contributing to a cleaner environment. With the Energy Plus Green Option, you can make an environmentally responsible choice to help cut pollution, help reduce your carbon footprint and help support renewable energy, while still receiving AAdvantage miles.

Help Support the Environment - Help the Economy - Earn AAdvantage miles 
When you choose the Energy Plus Green Option, you'll know that you can help support wind generated power each and every month because we will purchase Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) produced by wind power generation facilities located in the United States to match 100% of your electricity usage.* 

Wind Power - Domestically Produced with Zero Emissions
The Energy Plus Green Option features RECs from wind power - one of the cleanest forms of energy available - which is domestically produced without greenhouse gas emissions. 
For approximately $0.01 additional per kWh over Energy Plus' supply rate, you'll help reduce our nation's requirement for electricity generated from the combustion of fossil fuels.*


For every unit of renewable electricity generated, one Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) is produced. RECs support renewable electricity production in the United States and help build a market for renewable electricity. RECs may also have other local and global environmental benefits such as reducing global climate change and air pollution in the region where the renewable facility is located. Click here for more information about RECs.