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Who is Energy Plus?

Energy Plus is privately-held energy supply company based in Philadelphia, PA that offers electricity service through Energy Plus Holdings LLC and natural gas service through its affiliate Energy Plus Natural Gas LLC. Our goal is to bring innovation to the energy sector by pairing competitive energy service with reward incentives. In many states, we are the only energy supplier offering rewards programs to customers. For more information, please visit the Our Company section of our website.


  • What is deregulation?
  • Deregulation is the process by which governments remove, reduce, or simplify restrictions with the intent of encouraging efficiency and competition in markets. Deregulation in the United States traces its roots to the oil crisis of the 1970s but it took until the late 1990s to put the idea of energy deregulation into practice. Today, about half of the states have enacted some form of energy deregulation.

    Before deregulation, utilities controlled all three components of the energy industry: generation, transmission and the sale of energy. Deregulation divides those processes, with different companies having the ability to handle each aspect.

  • What is Energy Plus' role in providing energy in deregulated states?
  • Energy Plus is an energy supplier that buys energy on the open market and sells it to our customers, bundling it with rewards to offer a new approach to a standard service. Utilities still handle the delivery to our customers’ homes, ensuring the wires, pipes and meters are properly working. For this reason, energy charges are separated into supply and delivery portions – but our customers continue to receive consolidated bills that reflect charges from both their utility company and Energy Plus.

  • Who delivers my energy?
  • Delivery will continue to be provided by your local utility company, which has the responsibility to ensure the wires, pipes and meters are working properly. Switching to Energy Plus is seamless – you will not experience any interruption in service.

  • Deregulation has made choosing my energy supplier a lot more confusing. How do I know I can trust Energy Plus?
  • Deregulation doesn’t mean lack of oversight. States that have paved the way for innovation in the energy market still maintain oversight of suppliers, who are controlled through a licensing process. Energy Plus is licensed in all of the states where we operate. For state-specific information and our license numbers, please visit our Service Areas page.

  • What is an ESCO?
  • ESCO is a term used to refer to an energy supplier such as Energy Plus. It stands for Energy Services Company and is a term used often in New York.


  • What is a variable-rate plan?
  • Energy Plus offers variable supply rate plan products. With this type of energy supply service, the supply rate you pay may change each month. The supply rate may be different, including higher, than the supply rate charged by your local utility company. Because Energy Plus's variable supply rate plans require no long-term commitment, you can evaluate your plan each month to determine if it's working for you without being locked into a long-term contract.

  • How much will my supply service cost?
  • In a variable-rate model, your supply rate is based on a variety of factors including our costs to purchase energy, applicable taxes, fees, charges, costs, expenses and margins and can change each month. As with many variable supply rate products, the supply rate may be different, including higher, than the supply rate charged by your local utility company. Because you can cancel without a cancellation fee, you can evaluate your plan each month to determine whether it's working for you.

Switching to Energy Plus

  • How do I switch?
  • Switching is simple and can be done over the phone or online. Because we offer service in different states, please visit our Service Areas page and select your state to find the correct phone number to ensure your call is properly routed and answered as quickly as possible. To enroll online, please go to our Enroll page and select the rewards program that best fits your needs.

  • What information will I need to enroll?
  • You will need a copy of your electricity and/or natural gas bill and the membership number from the rewards program of your choice. We handle the rest so that you will not experience any interruption in service. Your local utility company will continue to provide all transmission services, including delivering the energy to your home, reading your meter and handling any service emergencies.

  • Do I have to contact my utility company or current supplier before switching to Energy Plus?
  • No. We take care of contacting your current provider as part of the enrollment process.

  • How long does it take to enroll over the phone?
  • It takes approximately five to ten minutes to enroll over the phone.

  • Do I have to provide my social security number to switch to Energy Plus?
  • It is not required to provide your Social Security Number to switch to Energy Plus.

  • Is there a cost to enroll?
  • No. Energy Plus does not charge start-up fees of any kind and does not require any long-term contract/commitment before you start service. In some cases, your local utility company may charge a nominal fee to switch.

  • Is there a long-term commitment required?
  • No. Unlike some fixed-rate programs that require a contract, you're in control with our month-to-month plan that lets you cancel without a termination penalty.

  • What happens once I switch to Energy Plus?
  • As a new customer, you will receive a welcome letter or email from Energy Plus that includes our terms and conditions.

  • How long does it take for my Energy Plus service to start?
  • In most states, your new Energy Plus service will take from one to two billing cycles to begin. For more information, please visit our Service Areas map and select your state.

  • How do I cancel?
  • You may cancel service by calling our customer service team. To appropriately route your call, please visit our Contact Us page to find the correct phone number for your state.


  • How will I be billed?
  • Energy Plus customers will continue to receive a consolidated bill from their local utility company. Your bill will contain separate charges for the energy you used (the supply) and for getting that energy to your house (the delivery). The supply portion reflects charges from Energy Plus; the delivery portion reflects charges from your utility company.
    Billing varies according to your state and utility region. For more information about billing where you live, visit our Service Areas map and select your state.

  • How can I pay my bill?
  • Because Energy Plus supply service is billed through your utility company, the methods of payment vary. For more information about billing where you live, visit our Service Areas map and select your state.

  • How can I enroll in budget billing?
  • Please refer to our Service Areas page to see if budget billing is available in your area. This page will direct you to the correct phone number to call to enroll in budget billing.


  • Where will I see my rewards?
  • When enrolling with Energy Plus, you may select your favorite rewards program. You will provide your rewards membership number and we will ensure your points/miles will be automatically deposited into your rewards account. They will not appear on your electric or natural gas bill. If you select our Cash Back program, you will receive your rebate checks from Energy Plus in the mail.

  • How long will it take to get my rewards?
  • You will start earning rewards the same day your supply service starts with Energy Plus. Your rewards accrue monthly after each billing cycle and will appear in your rewards account two to three weeks after your billing cycle closes. Please note that rewards will not appear on your electric or natural gas bill.

    Enrollment bonuses vary and are awarded according to the rewards program you choose. Please see offer details in the rewards section of our website for more information.

  • How do I know how many rewards I've earned?
  • You may check your rewards account to see how many points you have earned from Energy Plus. You may also Contact Us to check on rewards that haven’t yet posted to your account or for Cash Back you may have accumulated.

  • What if I don't receive my rewards?
  • Please call us as our customer service team is committed to offering you expert help. To ensure you receive prompt service, please refer to our Contact Us page to find the correct phone number to call.

  • I have a question about my rewards. Who do I call?
  • Questions about how rewards are redeemed should be directed to your rewards program.

  • What if I want to switch my rewards plan?
  • You may change plans. However, you will receive just one enrollment bonus. Please refer to our Contact Us page to find the correct phone number to call for assistance in switching your rewards plan.

In Case of Emergency

Service Areas

  • Where does Energy Plus serve customers?
  • We currently are licensed to serve electric customers in eight states: Connecticut, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. We also currently offer natural gas service in Maryland, New Jersey, New York and Ohio. To find out if your utility region is included in our service area, please visit our Service Areas map and select your state. Please note that Energy Plus is temporarily not enrolling new customers in Connecticut.

  • Does Energy Plus plan to offer service in additional states?
  • Yes. We keep a close watch on energy markets across the country with an eye toward expansion. We began supplying electricity to customers in one state, New York, in 2007 and have since expanded to serve hundreds of thousands of customers across eight states.

  • Can I be notified if Energy Plus becomes available in my area?
  • Yes. Please Contact Us and we will add your information to our notification list.

Green Option

  • How can I "go green" with Energy Plus?
  • Energy Plus offers customers a way to support the environment through our Green Option, a program that directly ties consumption with the creation of 100% wind power, one of the cleanest forms of electricity available. For about a penny more per kilowatt hour, Green Option customers reduce the nation’s dependence on conventional electricity generated by fossil fuels – while earning their choice of rewards.

  • How does the Green Option work?
  • Every kilowatt-hour of electricity our Green Option customers use counts toward the purchase of Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) - the “currency” of renewable electricity production in the United States. One REC is equal to one megawatt-hour of electricity.

  • What is a REC?
  • Once renewable electricity such as wind power is fed into the electric grid, it’s not possible to separate it from other sources of electricity. So, a credit (REC) is created as a way to account for – and encourage – green energy’s contribution to the grid. RECs are sold separately and only one certificate may be issued for each unit of renewable electricity produced. The RECs purchased by Energy Plus support 100% wind-generated power.

  • Am I signing up to get green electricity sent to my home?
  • No. You will continue to receive electricity the same way, but when you sign up for the Green Option, we will purchase Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) produced by wind power generation facilities located in the United States to match 100% of your electricity usage.

  • Are energy credits a substitute for conservation?
  • No. The best way to reduce energy consumption is to use less energy. Energy credits are just one tool that encourages the creation of smarter, greener power.

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