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Our Company Photo In the past, consumers only had one option for sourcing their electricity and natural gas – big utilities. As a result, these companies typically were impersonal, bureaucratic, hard-to-reach and slow to react.

Now, there’s another option for consumers – the freedom to leave their existing utility company and choose an energy supplier. Energy Plus® is a new and different kind of energy company.

Energy Plus is the only company that offers rewards to all of its customers each month just for paying their energy bills – rewards that can be turned into free flights, hotel stays, money for college or retail bonuses. It's a new way of looking at your energy service.

Energy Plus was founded in 2007 by entrepreneurs who brought their innovative approach to the deregulated electricity market in New York.

Since then, the company has grown to provide electricity service in eight states and natural gas service in four states, with almost 200,000 customers enrolled in over a dozen different rewards options. In addition, every customer can choose to add a green option to their electricity account to support the environment by offsetting electricity usage.

As Energy Plus continues its innovation, customers can expect new markets, new products and new rewards offerings to be launched over time, with continued focus on excellent in-house customer service.

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