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PBA decided to make an electricity supply plan available for homes and businesses of members. You'll earn Cash Back, while still receiving the same delivery service from your local utility company. 

Enjoy these great benefits when you sign up with Energy Plus for electric service:

Exclusive offer for members
If you enroll your business account, you will receive a $50 Enrollment Bonus AND a 5Cash Back rebate on the supply portion of the annual electric bill for your business. If you enroll your home account, you will receive a $25 Enrollment Bonus and a 3Cash Back rebate on the supply portion of your annual electric bill for your home. Enroll both your business and your home accounts with us today! 

No interruption to your delivery service
Your local utility will continue to deliver your electricity, read your meter, handle service emergencies, and mail your statement. All you need is an electricity service address in Pennsylvania that is within our service area. There are no fees to enroll, no monthly service fees associated with your account, and no cancellation fees with this plan. 

For staff members too!
For business owners, PBA is pleased to offer this electricity program from Energy Plus to ALL staff members as well. Invite each of your staff members to sign up with us...everyone can earn Cash Back!  

Select the Energy Plus Green Option
Like you, we are committed to contributing to a cleaner environment. Choose the Energy Plus Green Option on your enrollment form and you can make an environmentally responsible choice to help cut pollution, help reduce your carbon footprint, and support renewable energy, while still receiving Cash Back.* 

Valid Service Areas This electricity service offer is valid for areas serviced by Duquesne Light Company, Met-Ed, PECO, Penelec, PPL Electric Utilities Corporation and West Penn Power.    
Eligibility Limited-time offer. Price and Bonus offers are only for first-time customers so previous or existing customers are not eligible. To receive rewards, you must be a PBA member.

Offers cannot be transferred or combined with other offers. They may change or be cancelled at any time. Offers are not available for all rate classes, all customer types, or in all areas. If you have a Net Meter and elect to enroll with us you will no longer receive energy credits from your utility. Additional eligibility requirements, terms and conditions may apply. Please see our Terms of Service for full details which can be found on the online enrollment form and in your Welcome Email/Letter. 
Rewards Information Enrollment Bonus: After you complete 2 months of active service with us, you’ll be awarded a $25 Enrollment Bonus for each residential electric account you enroll. For each business electric account you enroll, you will be awarded a $50 Enrollment Bonus after you complete two months of active service. 

Cash Back: You will earn 3% Cash Back annually for every $1 spent on the supply portion of your monthly residential electric bills. For each business account you enroll, you will earn 5% Cash Back annually for every $1 spent on the supply portion of your monthly electric bills.Your Cash Back rebate will be mailed automatically after the close of every 12 full billing cycles of service which means you must have an active account with us for 12 months to receive a Cash Back rebate. 

Please note: Active accounts are defined as those that (i) are billing more than $0 and (ii) for which we have not received a request to discontinue service or change programs. Rewards Program Terms are contained in your Welcome Email/Letter.
Important Price Information You will receive an introductory electricity supply price for your first three full billing cycles with us.
Energy Plus promotional introductory electric supply price per kWH for first 3 months of service*
Utility Residential Small Commercial
Duquesne Light $0.069 $0.06
Met-Ed $0.063 $0.068
PECO $0.071 $0.078
PPL Electric Utilities $0.07 $0.069
Penelec $0.058 $0.065
West Penn Power $0.062 $0.067

The promotional introductory supply price is the same for 250, 500, 1,000, or 2,000 kWh average monthly usage. Service will begin 10-30 days after the date you agree to switch.

Click here to see your introductory electric supply price based on your utility and account type. The introductory electricity supply price will be listed in your Terms of Service, which is displayed on the application page as well as in your Welcome Email/Letter. The introductory electricity supply price is the same for 250, 500, 1,000, or 2,000 kWh average monthly usage and will begin after your utility processes our request to switch your service, which occurs within 10 days from the date you agreed to switch.

After that, your prices with us will be variable. We will determine the variable supply price in our discretion based on many different factors, which may include competitive prices, industry charges we are responsible for, applicable state and local taxes, profit margins, or other business conditions. For your reference, our electricity supply prices include generation and transmission charges and Gross Receipts Tax, but they do not include any utility distribution charges or other utility fees or charges.

Our current and historical prices are not an indicator of our future prices and we do not guarantee any savings. Our prices may be higher than your utility’s supply rate. Any electricity supply price comparisons we make are based on our introductory electricity supply price and your utility’s electricity supply rate as posted on 10/1/16 so we cannot guarantee their accuracy and they may change after the dates in which any price comparison is made. Utility rates may change after the date on which the price comparison is made. If you have a residential account this is $0.08070 for Duquesne Light RS rate class, $0.06902 for Met-Ed RS rate class, $0.07756 for PECO R rate class, $0.07724 for Penelec RS rate class, $0.07491 for PPL Electric Utilities RS rate class and $0.06061 for West Penn Power RS10 rate class. If you have a commercial account, this is $0.06780 for Duquesne Light GS-small rate class, $0.06957 for Met-Ed GS-small rate class, $0.07277 for PECO GS rate class, $0.06900 for Penelec GS-small rate class, $0.06664 for PPL Electric Utilities GS1 rate class and $0.07986 for West Penn Power GS20 rate class.
Applicable Fees None.
Budget Billing Information You can request a budget billing plan for the supply portion of your bill with us. If you are already on a Budget Billing plan, your monthly budget billing amount may be adjusted and your utility may perform a true-up upon enrollment with us. Depending on various factors, including season, this true-up could result in a charge, or a credit. 
Environmental Information If you choose to add the Green Option, your price will include the cost for us to purchase Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs), which is approximately $0.01 additional per kWh over Energy Plus’ variable electricity supply prices. We will purchase RECs produced by wind power generation facilities located in the United States to match the stated percentage of your electricity usage.  
About Us Electricity service is provided by Energy Plus Holdings LLC, and we are licensed by the PA PUC (electric license #A-2009-2139745). 
Other Information Energy Plus is solely responsible for the content of this marketing material and for the selling to, solicitation of, and enrollment of customers for energy supply services. PBA provides us access to its members as a benefit for members.