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Founded on the belief that customers deserve more from their energy supplier, Energy Plus offers rewards to all of its customers each month just for paying their energy bills. It's a new way of looking at your energy service.

To help bring customers the quality service they deserve, Energy Plus is backed by its parent company, NRG Energy, Inc., a Fortune 250 company at the forefront of changing how people think about and use energy. Learn more about what the NRG family has to offer.

Energy Plus allows customers to choose a plan that fits their needs. Our plans offer different pricing options and rewards, and the ability to add a Green Option to support the environment by offsetting electricity usage with Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) produced by wind power generation facilities located in the United States. Perhaps the best part is that you don't have to do anything differently. There will be no interruption in your service. Your local utility will continue to deliver your electricity, read your meter and send your bill, while you reap the benefits of joining the Energy Plus family.

Energy Plus serves customers in Connecticut, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

*Many products feature 3 months of promotional pricing, followed by a variable price that changes monthly. Miles/points awards typically earned after at least 2 months of service; Cash Back awards available after every 12 months of service (check your product reward terms). Energy Plus prices may be higher than your utility's supply rate and savings are not implied nor guaranteed. You will still be responsible for your utility's delivery charges after switching. NY customers may call 1-866-964-5672 for historical non-promotional price information. Cancelling may take up to 2 billing cycles in some markets.

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