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A unique approach to a standard service. Energy Plus® is one of the only companies that offers valuable rewards to all of its customers just for paying their energy bills.

When you choose Energy Plus, you'll receive the same delivery service you've always had plus some nice rewards. You can earn rewards for your electricity service (through Energy Plus Holdings LLC) or your natural gas service (through Energy Plus Natural Gas LLC).

Choose Energy Plus and start earning rewards!

We offer:

  • Sign-up bonus plus monthly ongoing rewards*
  • Seamless switching
  • Reliable service
  • Fixed or variable pricing plans

*Many products feature 3 months of promotional pricing, followed by a variable price that changes monthly. Miles/points awards typically earned after at least 2 months of service; Cash Back awards available after every 12 months of service (check your product reward terms). Energy Plus prices may be higher than your utility's supply rate and savings are not implied nor guaranteed. You will still be responsible for your utility's delivery charges after switching. NY customers may call 1-866-964-5672 for historical non-promotional price information. Cancelling may take up to 2 billing cycles in some markets.

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